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Publié le 3 janvier 2019

UX/CX Lead (h/f) Lausanne


A propos de SQLI

A propos de SQLI

Nous sommes...

Un groupe de services dédiés au monde du Digital. Nous accompagnons les entreprises et les marques dans la définition, la mise en œuvre et le pilotage de dispositifs digitaux pour une expérience client, partenaire, collaborateur réinventée.

Notre positionnement unique au confluent du conseil, du marketing et de la technologie nous permet de répondre de façon globale aux enjeux de développement des ventes et de notoriété (marketing digital & social, expérience client, commerce omnicanal, data intelligence…) ainsi qu’aux enjeux de productivité et d’efficacité interne (digitalisation des opérations, entreprise collaborative, mobilité et objets connectés, CRM…).


The world is badly designed. We’re trying to fix that. Come help us.

We’re the SQLI SWIZTERLAND UX department, an elite team of professional misfits united by the burning desire to leave everything we touch —be it a digital experience, a service, a process, or a brand— better designed, delightful to use, easier on the brain and respectful of people’s time and attention. We expect more of ourselves that our clients do, and that inspires them to expect more of themselves.

Our company federates the talents of unique individuals into strong and confident teams, so they can build a more generous future.

We’re looking for a woman or a man with a powerful personality and direct experience in leading clients, from multinational enterprises to medium-sized businesses, nonprofits and government organisations, in the application of User-Centered Design methodologies to their Digital and Service Design needs.

As a UX Lead, you will manage UX/CX team. You will use deep compassion for the end-user as your guide, even and especially when doing so requires tough choices and uneasy compromises, while you :

  • Help articulate, formalise, and evangelise our User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX), and Employee Experience (EX) Design service offerings.
  • Assist our business development team in responding to client demand for Experience Design, by formulating approaches and teams, estimating effort and timelines, and educating prospects in understanding and buying into your proposals.
  • Help our clients formulate the right expectations and ambitions for their digital and service design initiatives, continuously manage these expectations, and consistently exceed these expectations in terms of the quality of your deliverable
  • Lead, train, mentor and coach cross-functional teams, including our own and the clients’, through the selection, application, and interpretation of various research, ideation, and design techniques and tools.
  • Speak about, write about, and embody the values of SQLI’s UX/CX team, thereby inspiring potential clients and potential colleagues to join in our vision and mission.

You have a decade or more of experience :

  • Evaluating the maturity level of your client’s corporate culture, and selecting the appropriate approaches to move it through the stages and phases of evolution toward a customer-centric mindset.
  • Communicating empathetically, and establishing rapport, with professionals from the full range of corporate domains, from IT to marketing, sales, finance, operations and HR, and from the front-line to the C-suite.
  • Engaging deeply with users, through ethnographic inquiry and various other observational, qualitative methodologies, to uncover insights about their unvoiced motivations and personal goals ; and communicating these insights through eye-opening, vivid personas.
  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative usability testing, information-architecture research such as card sorting and treejacks, and analytics research; and constructing comprehensive, scale-appropriate research and testing protocols to resolve the problem at hand.
  • Evaluating and auditing existing systems and interfaces based on proven industry standards and heuristics, to propose and defend strategic UX priorities
  • Ideating alone or within a team on simple solutions to complex usability and business issues, and presenting these ideas visually, textually and verbally while articulating a compelling narrative around the user needs, psychological biases, and technological limitations that compel your choices.
  • Working closely with front-end and back-end developers, and their project and product managers, to ensure accurate implementation of proposed designs and behaviours, and to resolve technical issues with the best possible outcomes for the end-user.
  • Judiciously choosing the right mix of methodological purity and pragmatism in order to effect real, lasting change, by leveraging the existing interests, desires, and biases of your audience.
  • Maintaining a strong sense of the ethical boundaries that matter, and a healthy appreciation for the value of long-term reputation, in your treatment of colleagues, clients, allies and adversaries.
  • Leading and inspiring consultants motivating them to give their best and grow into confident, skilled, senior consultants.


  • Fluency in spoken and written business english and french, with a good grasp of nuanced qualifiers, common colloquialisms, figures of speech, and modern corporatese.
  • Mastery of a plethora of visual and motion prototyping tools and platforms, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, Bohemian Coding’s Sketch, Affinity Suite, Omnigraffle, Visio, Balsamiq, Axure RP, Figma, Principle,, etc.
  • Deep professional experience with a variety of user testing and analytics tools, such as GA, Optimizely, Silverback,, Usabilla, Invision, Optimal Workshop, etc.
  • Wide-ranging curiosity in the fields downstream from yours, with some experience putting up WordPress sites, hacking at HTML, CSS, and Javascript, enough to know the difference between what is technically trivial, complex, or insane. You might even have fiddled with PHP, .net, SQL, etc.
  • A facility for visual thinking and live sketching, and a preference for simple ideas that are proven to work, instead of clever ideas that are untested.
  • A preference for a workplace culture based on openness, transparency, direct yet mindful feedback, and respect for diversity and originality.
  • Your name as author on published industry-related articles, blog posts, podcast episodes, white papers, etc.


Expéditeur (requis)

Destinataire (requis)



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