SQLI, where marketing and technology meet

The digital transformation is a major challenge for all companies…

We know, we know… you’ve heard it all before.

We all know that digital transformation has an impact on very different areas; that it shakes up business models, customer relations, ways of buying and selling and ways of working within a company.

So the question is no longer why it’s vital to transform, but how to ensure the transition is successful.

It’s exactly this task that SQLI has set itself: advising and helping companies to make the most of this revolution, to design, build and organise digital features that offer a brand new customer experience while strengthening the internal performance of the company.

Its asset in this regard is the “Digital Tripod”: 3 brands with the same unified vision of the customer journey and internal services:


WAX Interactive, a genuine catalyst for brands that want to boost brand recognition and sales: connected and predictive commerce, digital & social marketing, UX & design, mobility and new uses…

SQLI Enterprise, experts in the transformation of organisations and systems: building cross-channel platforms, collaborative solutions, mobile technologies and connected devices, industrialisation…

SQLI Consulting, driving the digital conquest of growth markets: strategy & new business models, customer experience, digitalisation of services, digital organisation and change…

Joining SQLI means becoming a player in an international Group which is a leader in digital transformation, and having the opportunity to take part in large-scale projects at the cutting edge of innovation.

It is a guarantee of being able to fully express your talents and develop without your potential being limited by the company or organisation.

It means developing in an environment where autonomy, authority through expertise and networking are preferred over a traditional hierarchy.

It is the assurance of working every day with enthusiastic people driven by strong values: creative spirit, commitment and forward thinking.

Creative spirit

Our creative spirit is part of who we are. It’s not characterised by invention or disruption alone – it applies to any original way of doing things – any unique result that any of us come up with, regardless of their area of speciality.

At SQLI, our creative spirit is intrinsically linked with openness to others, originality and team spirit, because creativity is not a solitary exercise – it is born of the stimulating cross-fertilisation of our skills and experiences. It is nourished by exchange and is enriched by the sharing of ideas.

At our company, creativity is a source of satisfaction and joy. Bolstered by a collective dimension, it results in a shared sense of achievement.


We place high importance on commitment in our daily actions, to the meaning we give our work and the responsibility that each of us takes on.

What characterises a SQLI employee is their full and complete involvement in what they do every day – their commitment to everyone creates solid relationships based on respect.

At SQLI, we are also committed to our clients, who are central to our focus; it is related to our spirit of service, to our constant desire to imagine and provide better solutions.

Forward thinking

Forward thinking is the ability to anticipate – to think further towards the future. At SQLI, forward thinking is rooted in our employees’ know-how and experience. It is by harnessing the skill and expertise of all that the Group can plan for the future and decipher trends, emerging technologies and new uses.

Our forward thinking is also nourished by the audacity of our business culture, where taking initiative and trying new things are valued. In this way it is linked with our creative spirit.

Forward thinking allows us to set the legitimate and brave ambition of continuous growth and development, for ourselves and our clients, which brings our teams together around a shared vision and provides everyone with an opportunity to excel.

Our social commitment

In line with the values which guide our actions on a daily basis, we have always endeavoured to make a commitment to social causes and show our solidarity with children and their families.

Getting school materials and hygiene products to disadvantaged populations, digging wells, helping sick children to achieve their dreams or making a stay in hospital more enjoyable, making a contribution to research on diseases, or helping men and women to find a job…

Every year, our teams are mobilised to provide support, help and warmth to people in need. This makes us proud, and we are happy to share these rich and intense moments of generosity together.